Praise Singers

These folks were kind enough to share their impressions of what it was like to work with us. There is no sweeter song to our ears than melodious tune of clients feeling the love.

“Michael at Millman Media helped me find my voice! I’ve been searching for the perfect company name for a while and just could not find the right fit, and I did sit down with a number of people asking for help. I mailed Millman Media after someone referred me, based on their great experience. Michael got back to me in no time. We sat down soon after and in a focused but relaxed and open minded way he managed to pinpoint and nail a company name (that reflects many complex ideas in a few simple words) for me in no time at all. Everything fell into place after that.

Michael mentioned that he also helps with creating promotional video material. My video was not all that simple to do. It touches on very personal and complex issues and the subject matter makes it tricky to be clear and specific without becoming wordy or making clients feel exposed. We shot it in a few hours – again Michael was easy and relaxed but very focused. Everyone involved felt safe and relaxed. The best part was that I had the end product ready to share in less than a week. It looks very sleek and professional and has just enough footage to give everyone a good idea of what I do and what their experience would be. It is hard to find a blend between creativity, sensitivity and current trends in social media video. I believe at Millman Media I was lucky to find all of this in one package. I now feel sure of who I am, what I put out there and most of all I am proud of my name and look and the video material I share. Thank you Michael for helping me consolidate my message and image in a fun and sincere way.”

Janet Kimmel – Owner at Align Method


“On the advice of a doctor friend who has a very well-marketed medical practice, I hired Millman Media to help me grow my counselling practice. He developed a dynamic website, helped write the copy, produced video and printed materials, and created an internet and social media marketing strategy that helped differentiate me from the many therapists who market themselves. Many of my patients, and the doctors who refer patients to me, notice the ads and remark on how effective and creative they are. Michael developed an ad campaign and video strategy that drove so many new clients to my website and practice, that the new billings paid for my advertising costs several times over in the first months of running the campaign. Michael is responsive, creative, results driven, and a pleasure to work with.”

Glenda Wallace – Owner at 


“Michael has worked with Vera’s since 2012. During that time he has been an invaluable member of our team. From shepherding our our Social Media Campaigns, to the launch of our new website, he has been focused, committed and brought great ideas to our organization. Michaels creativity and willingness to immerse himself in a project has allowed us the ability to push our Social Media subscribers from the 100’s to 10’s of thousands. His curious mind has allowed us to try new and engaging video marketing campaigns that have yielded strong results. His media strategy has garnered a significant amount of coverage on all media outlets and his follow up has been impeccable. When growing a business or shaping one, Michael brings a strong yet well thought out opinion that has the interests of the client at the forefront.”

Gerald Tritt – Co-owner at Vera’s Burger Shack


“Immediately upon hiring Michael to work with us on our social media plan, we began to see results from his strategic, business and creative skills. Michael quickly “got” us, developing a true understanding of our mission, the culture of our organization and the needs of our stakeholders. He developed an integrated strategy that has dramatically grown our brand, deepened our impact, and continues to compellingly engage our diverse audiences. He takes out-of-the-box approaches to online communication and education and delivers great results. He brings the powerful (and unusual) combination of amazing creativity, astute business strategy, and technical expertise to his work with a wide range of clients. On top of that, he’s just a gem to work with – personable, warm, trustworthy and reliable. I recommend him highly!”

Maria Hudspith – Executive Director at Pain BC