Ask most anyone how they get referrals, and the answer you’ll most likely hear is “word of mouth”... and they’re right. The most powerful way to get more people interested in what you have to offer is to have someone who’s benefited from your product or service sing your praises. Increasingly, that song is being sung online via instant messaging, established social media channels and newly emerging platforms. Millman Media can help you monitor the conversations being had about your brand, engage with and grow your audience, and get the most compelling telling of your story out to the right people and get them to act. Here are a few of the channels for whom we've provided social media strategy, monitoring and advertising.

  1. Vera's Burger Shack
  2. Pain BC
  3. Continuum Movement

Here's what one client had to say about our social media services:

"Immediately upon hiring Michael to work with us on our social media plan, we began to see results from his strategic, business and creative skills. Michael quickly "got" us, developing a true understanding of our mission, the culture of our organization and the needs of our stakeholders. He developed an integrated strategy that has dramatically grown our brand, deepened our impact, and continues to compellingly engage our diverse audiences. He takes out-of-the-box approaches to online communication and education and delivers great results. He brings the powerful (and unusual) combination of amazing creativity, astute business strategy, and technical expertise to his work with a wide range of clients. On top of that, he's just a gem to work with - personable, warm, trustworthy and reliable. I recommend him highly!"

Maria Hudspith – Executive Director at Pain BC