As a non-profit, your organization is no doubt purpose-driven and focused on repairing the world. To make an impact, you need to raise awareness, as well as the funds to pay staff, educate the public and deliver programming. The right video can help your not-for-profit effectively tell its story, recruit key stakeholders and raise those much-needed resources. Here are a few of the awesome charities we’ve had the pleasure of helping on their mission.

Power of Hope

This dynamic non-profit  approached us looking to build sustainability and capacity to deliver life-saving arts-based programming to empower youth. To serve their fundraising needs, we produced a series of interview-based videos of campers and facilitators sharing their palpable passion for this important cause. 

Camp Hatikvah

Camp Hatikvah offer campers a well-rounded summer experience that provides balanced emphasis on skill development and relationship building. The camp, situated on forty acres of lakefront property in the Okanagan region of British Columbia, enlisted our help to shoot and produce a short fundraising film stressing the critical role of the camp in the community and urging stakeholders to contribute to the camp’s sustainability. The film wasscreened at, and instrumental in the success of, a red carpet fundraising event that raised over $100,000 towards much-needed infrastructure and equipment. 

Pain BC

Pain BC is a non-profit organization leading efforts to improve the lives of people in chronic pain through education, empowerment, and innovation. To help raise awareness for the plight of chronic pain sufferers during Nation Pain Awareness Week, we composed an original song and created this short music video which was viewed thousands of times and widely shared on Pain BC’s social media channels.