When you’re trying to heal the planet and make the world a better place, video can attract students to your classes, donors to your cause, and help set you apart. Here are some of the wellness based businesses we’ve had the pleasure of working with.

Align Method

The challenge in this project was telling a visual story that dealt with very personal and complex physical issues. The subject matter (pelvic floor and core fitness) made it tricky to be clear and specific without becoming wordy or making subjects feel exposed or self-conscious. The result was a short and clean visual telling of the skill of the company’s founder and the effectiveness of the method in helping women manage this ubiquitous condition. 


Drum Mama Studios

Drum Mama Studios is a mindful Vancouver hand drumming studio offering classes and facilitations in the “Yoga of Rhythm”. In order to raise awareness for this modality and fill beginner classes, we produced a video testimonial ad with lots of colourful visuals of happy students engaged in joyful music-making to an upbeat African soundtrack. The ad was then promoted to a highly targeted audience of Facebook users. The result was completely full beginner hand drumming sessions at the studio and a Return on Investment on the ad spend of over 1000%. 


Weinberg Residence

The Weinberg Residence is a private Vancouver Assisted Living and Multi-Level Care Residence for seniors. The Weinberg Residence was facing declining occupancy rates as a result of a drastic influx of competition and worsening demographic trends. Millman Media conducted research to identify the community’s senior housing needs and measure how Weinberg Residence was measuring up to expectations. Informed by the results of the survey, we devised a Strategic Marketing Plan. Once piece of that plan is the video below, an endorsement of the Residence by award-winning educator, physician and media personality, Dr. Art Hister. The video was promoted to a targeted audience on social media channels. While continually changing, as of the date of writing, there were virtually no vacancies at the Weinberg Residence.